Class Levels...

Tiny Tots - Creative Movement - An Introduction to Dance, teaching basic movements, rhythms with a variety of props for ages 2-3
Mini-Movers 1 - Ballet and Jazz - This class focuses on the development of coordination and musical awareness as we learn dance through play for ages 4-5
Mini-Movers 2 - Ballet and Jazz - This class focuses on the development of coordination and musical awareness as we learn dance through play for ages 6-7. Includes a progression to an exam preparation. 
First Steps/ Pre-Primary - Ballet and Jazz - The focus of this class is to have fun while continuing to build on dance skills such as rhythm, dance fundamentals and positions for ages 7 and up. This is an exam level class. 
Grades 1-6 - Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Tap - A further development of dance techniques that follow the internationally recognized B.A.T.D. dance syllabus. Dancers are placed by assessment or teacher recommendation. This is an exam level program. 
Professional Level Classes - Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Tap - For dancers wishing to reach a professional teaching level or for those looking for professional development. For ages 18 and up with previous extensive dance training.  
Class Styles

​Ballet - Students start by learning the basics of classical ballet technique including; positioning, posture, turn-out and arm carriage. Students will learn various exercises to increase their performance quality in other styles of dance and to learn the beautiful quality of this classical style.


Jazz – Jazz is a style of dance that is a mid-point between the technical aspects of Ballet and the upbeat tempos of Hip Hop. Students will learn steps, combinations, techniques, musicality, and rhythm. 


Tap – Tap students will not only learn dance steps, footwork, and combinations, but also learn musicality, and rhythm including counting various beats and how to listen to the music. Students will also further their knowledge of music theory and how it applies to dance.


Modern - Students will learn the basics of Modern. Classes include combinations and technqiues that is a cross between Jazz and Ballet and Contemporary.


Dance Exams - BATD...

​Carol Brown School of Dance offers dance exams in many dance styles. These exams are held by the British Association of Teachers of Dancing. The BATD is the first dance association created in Scotland in 1892 and has members worldwide. Exams will be held in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Modern. 

Exams help students to:

  • gain a sense of achievement

  • have a better understanding of the discipline involved in dance

  • focus on the execution of steps and techniques

  • work harder in class and practice more

  • have good retention and memorization of steps and combinations

  • have a better understanding of how to perform

  • deal with pre-performance nervousness

Exams are taken in the following levels:

Starlite: Level 1, Level 2

Medals: First Steps, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Blue Riband, British Medallion, British Award, Premier Award, Annual Award.

Grades: Pre-primary, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.

Professionals: Teachers (Associate), Teachers (Membership), (Fellowship)

Competitive Team


Our competitive team is a close-knit community.  We strive to become a family that works together to make competitive work exciting. 

If you are interested in auditioning for the team please contact Mrs. Brown at

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