About Us

The Carol Brown School of Dance has been teaching Trenton's young children for more than 50 years! Since 1966 Mrs. Brown has taught thousands of Trenton students not only dance classes but the important life lessons of discipline, perseverance, control, poise and grace. She is now continuing the legacy and teaching not only her students from the 1960s, but their children and their children's, children. Three generations of Trenton's dancers have danced at her School. 


About Carol Brown - Fellow, Examiner and former North American Coordinator of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D). 


Mrs. Brown's high standard of teaching is recognized in other parts of Ontario as well.  She willingly donates times to choreograph and stage shows for various organizations, giving audiences confined to hospitals and retirement residences the opportunity to recognize and applaud her well-trained pupils.


To expand her knowledge of dance and the various styles and techniques associates with her profession, Mrs. Brown has traveled extensively throughout Great Britian, the United States and Canada.  Her dedication to teaching has influenced many of her students to further their own careers in dance.


Mrs. Brown is known for her expertise as an Examiner, being fully qualified.  She has a Fellow in Tap, Stage, Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop.  She holds a full Membership in the Ballet section of the B.A.T.D. Mrs. Brown has been a life member of the B.A.T.D. since 1998.


Her obvious love of her chosen profession is shown by the care and dedication she gives to all of her students.